Installation of code_aster v13.6 on xUbuntu 18.04LTS


This is a minutes of installation of Code_Aster v13.6 on xUbuntu18.04LTS.

First, the package was downloaded from following homepage.

Next, some packages rewquired for build were installed.

$su apt-get install  gfortran g++ python-dev python-numpy liblapack-dev libblas-dev tcl tk zlib1g-dev bison flex checkinstall openmpi-bin libx11-dev cmake grace gettext libboost-all-dev swig

Then , aster-full-src-13.6.0-1.noarch.tar.gz was untared and to go into aster-full-src-13.6.0.

$python install --prefix=/opt/aster

Typing above command, code_aster v13.6 was set under /opt/aster.

This is a result of confirmation.

/opt/aster/bin/as_run --vers=13.6 --test forma01a


The work was completed without any trouble. Thank you!